Netix comes with a set of easy to use shortcodes.


Border shortcode
Simple button shortcode
[button href="#" target=""]Just a button[/button]

Just a button

Clear float shortcode
Content in 2 columns


Content in 4 columns
[quarter_first][/quarter_first] [quarter][/quarter] [quarter][/quarter] [quarter_last][/quarter_last]
Icon shortcode
[icon size="normal"]bell[/icon] [icon size="small"]star[/icon]

(list of icon names)

Gallery shortcode
Newsletter shortcode
[newsletter]Subscribe to Get More Games Hack Tools![/newsletter]

Subscribe to Get More Games Hack Tools!

Blockquote shortcode
[quote smallprint="Jack Doe" quotes="1"][/quote]


Jack Doe

Subtitle shortcode
[subtitle]I’m a subtitle[/subtitle]

I’m a subtitle

Simple tabs shortcode
[tabgroup][tab title="tab 1"][/tab][/tabgroup]
Title shortcode
[title size="4"]This is a title example[/title]

This is a title example

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